Back massage

A hard day at work, the wrong posture at the PC, a careless twist, carrying heavy loads or sitting in a cold draft: the back hurts, the neck is rock hard and the shoulders are tense - just about everyone knows such pain....
A massage of the back, shoulders and neck relieves more than just tension and physical blockages - it leads to an overall greater sense of well-being throughout the body and inner harmony. Blockages, nervousness and tension can be released and you will find your way back to vitality and balance.
I also apply my knowledge from Japanese Shiatsu with its merdian courses and acupressure points, which allows this back massage to have a profound relaxing effect.
A back massage is thus a true benefit for body, mind and soul even without noticeable tension!
A massage of the back, shoulders and neck lasts about 30 min and costs 39,-€.


As a massage therapist I work exclusively preventive, i.e. health promoting. I do not make any diagnoses and do not make any healing promises and do not prescribe any medicinal agents and therapies. The massages are not available on health insurance prescription.