Relaxation Massage (Anti-Stress Massage)

Hectic, always on call, fears, worries and lack of time often determine our everyday life.

Incorrect posture at work, for example in front of the PC, is often an additional factor. Over time, we feel how tension and pain spread in the shoulders, neck, back or even in the arms and hands.



What is a relaxation massage (anti-stress massage)?


A relaxation massage id a full body massage and increases physical and mental vitality, strengthens the immune system and the ability to concentrate, and results in more restful sleep. Stress and tension can thus be reduced and general well-being can be sustainably improved.



What happens during the relaxation massage?


Headache and backache are caused by tension and neck stiffness, tension in the shoulders and painful restrictions on movement are the result. In the relaxation / anti-stress massage, individual areas such as the shoulder, neck, (back) head and back are massaged gently to intensely but sensitively. Exactly those places that tend to cramp up under stress and tension and are therefore wrongly stressed. Muscle strands that are particularly cramped are felt during the massage. The massage of the legs (back) also makes an important contribution to reducing stress in the body. Particularly tense areas are treated with a technique based on the Ayurveda Marma massage. A final foot reflex zone massage enhances the beneficial and relaxing effect.


Please note: drink enough liquid after the massage: preferably (warm) water or herbal tea. This way, stressful metabolic substances can be flushed out of the body well, which will be dissolved by the massage.




The  relaxation Massage / anti-stress massage is particularly recommended for:



• Stress at work

• Exam stress

• Sleep disorders

• Nervousness, restlessness, anxious phases

• Inner tension

• Neck and shoulder tension

• Stress-related headaches

• Stress-related back pains

• Stress-related stomach and  digestive problems



An anti-stress / relaxation massage takes about 60 minutes, fee:



Only cash payments please!