Relaxation Massage (Anti-Stress Massage)

Escape the stress of everyday life and treat yourself to a soothing relaxation massage that brings your body, mind, and soul into harmony.

In a relaxed and calming atmosphere, you can let go and leave the stress of everyday life behind. My relaxation massage combines gentle stroking movements, targeted pressure point massages, and harmonious stretching to harmonize the flow of energy in your body.

The effects of a relaxation massage are numerous. It helps relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation, stimulate metabolism, and promote sleep. Additionally, it helps reduce stress and can even strengthen the immune system.




My goal is to offer you a massage tailored to your individual needs, so that you can start your everyday life refreshed, revitalized, and with new energy.

Discover the beneficial effects of a relaxing massage and allow yourself to be pampered.

What does my relaxation massage consist of?

The Relax Massage is a relaxation massage based on the classic Swedish massage, supplemented with selected Far eastern massage components.


What happens during the relaxation massage?

During the relaxation/anti-stress massage, specific areas such as shoulders, neck, head (back), and back are gently massaged with soothing sounds. These areas often experience tension and stress and are therefore subjected to inappropriate pressure. Massaging the back of the legs also plays an important role in reducing stress in the body.

In traditional Chinese medicine, a harmonious flow of energy in the kidney and bladder meridians is essential for a balanced psyche, good sleep, and an overall relaxed body feeling. These meridians primarily run along the back of the body, and their flow is harmonized in this relaxation massage using special massage and tapping techniques to achieve maximum stress-relieving effects.

A final foot reflex zone massage enhances the beneficial and relaxing effects.

Aromatherapy with lavender oil can also be used to provide additional support.

The relaxation/anti-stress massage is particularly popular for:


• Work-related stress

• Exam stress

• Sleep disorders

• Nervousness and restlessness

• Inner tension

• Neck tension

• Stress-related headaches

• Stress-related back pain

• Stress-related digestive problems

• Convalescence



Please note: drink enough liquid after the massage: preferably (warm) water or herbal tea. This way, stressful metabolic substances can be flushed out of the body well, which will be dissolved by the massage.




The  relaxation Massage / anti-stress massage is particularly recommended for:



• Stress at work

• Exam stress

• Sleep disorders

• Nervousness, restlessness, anxious phases

• Inner tension

• Neck and shoulder tension

• Stress-related headaches

• Stress-related back pains

• Stress-related stomach and  digestive problems



An anti-stress / relaxation massage takes about 60 minutes, fee:



Only cash payments please!